FLOW MICROROASTERY, a minimalist interior, a serene contemplative environment



YEAR : 2021



“flow microroastery” combines its minimalistic interior with “coffee roasting” and “brunching” giving an updated sense at the coffee stories in the heart of a small city in Northern Greece, Veroia.

The store is placed at the ground floor of an old apartment building with an attic first floor and a mini garden surrounding it. The central space of the store has a characteristic double height and a linear stair leading on to the attic.

These elements was the main design tool for the store’s interior promoting a concept of a serene balance between handcrafted wooden furnishing and a “white scenery” at the sitting area.

The main bar is placed with a linear direction in front of the attic’s stair separating the sitting area for the customers and the producing zone.  Taking advantage of the store’s high ceiling, while the windows are kept at their double height, the main bar has undisturbed daylight, an important situation for the production of the very best coffee, served in the store’s handcrafted cups .  The open plan design is part of the concept where all the preparations for goodies – coffee & brunch- are taking place in front of the habitues while they are enjoying the sense of the place, inside or outside at the yard.

At the attic’s first floor of the store there is another chapter of “microroastary” scenery, where is placed the Coffee Shop of the store. There the roasting process is taking place allowing the owners to serve their own speciality blends sourced from sustainable producers.

The store has been designed emphasizing on the details. There is serenity between the natural tints and the white minimalistic aesthetic. The floor is covered with white tiles, the same texture is covering the bar which is crossing the whole store to end up as a wooden pot for a small olive tree. The suspended white conical artificial lights, are perfectly matched with the wide range of wooden handcrafted structures, highlighting the store’s minimal character.